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Emergency Response during Pandemic- COVID-19
  • Lung-ta Project
  • 13 April 2020 to 13 August 2020
  • Province - 3
  • Children and women who are victims of comemrcial sexual exploitation, human trafficking, abuse, rape, domestic violence, exploitation, WSW, marginalized/backward/disadvantaged women/child, widow and single and unmarried mother

Nepal is land
locked country with China and India. Nepal’s second-largest trading partner is
China and Nepal is least developed and high densely populated world region.
Nepal is poor in education, health care, sanitation so Nepal is in highest risk
of Pandemic COVID-19. If it is spread in more than 100000 people in Nepal,
Nepal won’t be able to control the deaths of people. Most important is Nepal is
least prepared for the pandemic COVID-19.

case of COVID-19 was confirmed in 24
th January 2020 in Nepal. So,
Nepal government issued toll free number 1115, Viber Group, website, mobile app
and Facebook to provide information regarding COVID-19 to the people of
  Majority of Covid-19 affected
people are returnees in Nepal. Health facilities of Nepal is not so well so
best solution of Nepal to prevent from COVD-19 is lock down and Nepal
Government started Lock-down from 22
nd March 2020, now extended
until 14
th   June 2020. It is likely that the lockdown
period will be extended.

 Due to Lockdown many average and poor
people are unable to get daily consumption goods, shelter and medicine. Among
them children, women who are victim of trafficking, abuse, exploitation and
worker of AES (Adult Entertainment sector), brick factory and workers whose
sole income is daily based are not only still vulnerable as they live in
closely confined small rooms but also have been badly hit by the lockdown. Most
of the women worker of AES, sex worker and other forms of worker do not have
citizenship cards, so they are deprived from the relief services of the
   This segment of urban poor
also needs immediate humanitarian assistance as they have been completely
ignored so far.