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Emergency Response in Kathmandu Valley Anytime-ERIKA
  • The Freedom Fund
  • Women Youth Empowerment in Social service and Human Right
  • January,2018- September 2020,
  • Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur- Province-3
  • Children and Women Prone to CSEC and AES, victims of CSEC and AES ,In-risk and Reparations of Human Trafficking

This proposed project has aimed at achieving three outcomes they are supplementary and complementary to each other) with the view to creating an impact where the prevalence of CSEC and human trafficking is significantly reduced.  The first outcome is about ensuing emergency assistance and transitional care to exist their situation and the third outcome strengthens Government systems to effectively prevent and respond to CSEC by the support of this project intervention that combine will contribute to Objective 2 of Freedom Fund’s Central Nepal’s Hotspot program strategy. To make this happen; this project has planned to make well functional of Transition Centre, conduct regular coordination with District and Local Police and designing Web Apps and handing over to government at the end.  


Second outcome aims to increase income of the survivors (victims of CSEC and Prone to CSEC) equipping them with relevant entrepreneurial skills and knowledge as well as supporting them in establishing self-run enterprises that contributes to objective 1 of Freedom Fund’s Central Nepal’s Hotspot program strategy. With the view to contributing to this outcome; this proposed project will produce entrepreneurs via skills training and ensures the establishment of self-run microenterprises that are viable to local markets.


Hence, the proposed outcomes of the project will help to reduce the prevalence of CSEC and human trafficking that ultimately help to achieve institutional, attitudinal and behavioral change across a range of stakeholders: the rights holders themselves (i.e. the minors), the duty bearers (government and family) and the perpetrators (business owners, managers and customers) that will eventually help in ending CSEC and human trafficking.