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Why do we exist?
Nepal is an under-developing country with 50.4% of the female population. It’s a land-locked country in South Asia, disproportionately affected by different problems such
as deeply rooted poverty, rigid and cultural systems, lack of economic opportunities, lack of education and awareness, low level of per-capita income, seasonal migration, open border, and patriarchal values. These factors directly affect the children, youth and women, and brings different vulnerable situations of human trafficking and force to involve in commercial and non-commercial sector and Adult Entertainment Sector. 
We have worked with the community spheres for years as social activist and survivor activists for combat of trafficking, protection, prevention, prosecution and human right of survivor and victims of commercial and non-commercial and adult-entertainment sector. We acknowledge a serious--problems as a long- turbulent history in this issues therefore a series of discussion and discourse within like-minded people together for cause and resilience action for change. 
We believe that survivors and victims’ - children, youth and women - have the potential energy, creativity and ideas; and will do things differently in their lifetime. These groups are also an asset to the development of their countries and communities and with the right guidance, mechanism, support and care, can become influential leader of positive change.