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Cost of Dream for helping family

19 June, 2020

Asha Nepali (Name changed) works in a dance bar at Sundhara. She
is 20 years old and she is eldest of a family with 3 younger sisters and a
brother. Her family was poor so they used to work in a neighbor’s house/land to
feed the family. Due to the poverty she discontinued her study from 7 class.
After discontinuing her study, she thought of migrating Kathmandu for work. So,
she can earn money and help family. She started to contact her relatives and
friends to help her to migrate in Kathmandu and find job.

“I couldn't bear the humiliation when customers touched my
internal organs for the first time while I was serving alcohol
so I started to hate my job and myself and
wanted to quit job but there was no any option so I started drinking and
smoking to get relief from the self-humiliation. Now I am addicted of Alcohol
and smoking so I don’t feel any humiliation even I have been sleeping with
multiple customers.”

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